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Card Draws

Card Draws
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack uses Cards as means of upgrading mercenary abilities and skill effects, or as materials. The game has three card types: Skill, Rage, and Material, which can range from R to SSR grades. Getting more copies of these cards is necessary to strengthen your mercenaries, power-up their abilities, and improve their overall combat power. That’s where the Card Draw feature of the game comes in. This feature allows you to draw cards in a gacha-like fashion. In this page, we will discuss the various Card Draw methods in the game.

You can access the Card Draw option in the main lobby window. From there, you’ll have 4 different card draw methods to choose from.
The Card Draw window in Heroes War: Counterattack
The Card Draw window in Heroes War: Counterattack

* Normal: You can use diamonds and normal draws to get skill cards or rage cards ranging from R to SSR grades.
* Premium: You can select whether you want to draw a skill card or rage card, with grades ranging from R to SSR using only premium draw (tickets). These can be obtained from the Token Shop, Package Shop, or Guild Point Shop.
* Friendship Draw: Use friendship points to draw skill cards or rage cards with R to SR grades. This draw method doesn’t have a draw bonus gauge.
* Event Draw: During a limited period of time, the chance of drawing a skill card of the featured mercenary will be temporarily boosted for the event duration. You can only use diamonds for event draws.

Whenever you perform a Normal, Premium or Event draw, you’ll get at least an SR grade card after 10 draws and the draw bonus gauge will progress a bit. Once that draw bonus gauge reaches 100%, you can get 1 SSR grade card guaranteed and the draw bonus will be reset. Other than that, all draw attempts will have a random or non-guaranteed result.

That’s our short guide for the different card draw methods in Heroes War: Counterattack. Please check out the next pages for more details about card promotion, power-up, or rank-up. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides, covering the other aspects and features of the game.

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