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Hero Equipment

Hero Equipment
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Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an idle-RPG game with gacha mechanics where you’ll have to form a team of capable heroes and villains to tackle the various story stages and content the game has to offer. When playing, you’ll be able to recruit/summon various heroes with different types and specialties. Aside from the heroes’ skills and abilities, their equipment plays a great role in determining their effectiveness too. In our Hero Equipment Guide, we will cover the game’s Equipment system and how they can affect the combat capability of your heroes.

The equipment you give to your heroes helps boost their combat effectiveness. There are six equipment slots in total: 1 weapon, 3 armor, and 2 accessories.

Material Types

Each character can only wear equipment made of certain materials (Cloth, Leather, Plate Metal). Characters who wear the same material type can interchange armor and accessory pieces. The game automatically omits the equipment the hero can’t wear when you’re manually selecting them. For convenience, you can tap the Auto button to have the game automatically select the best gear for the hero.
Hero Equipment

The stat boosts the equipment provides will depend on their rarity (grade) and the material category they belong in. For example, an A-rank Wand weapon (Cloth category) boosts the hero’s Hit and Crit Rate. On the other hand, an A-rank Dagger (Leather category) will boost the hero’s CRIT Damage and Evade. For comparison, a B-rank Wand will only provide a HIT boost and a B-rank Dagger will just provide a meager CRIT Damage boost.


You can reinforce or upgrade your equipment pieces by using other equipment as fodder. Reinforcement provides a permanent stat boost to the gear per level, and you can reinforce up to 5 times. On top of the fodder you need to use, you also need to spend gold. The amount you have to pay for the reinforcement process will increase as the reinforcement level increases.
Hero Equipment

So which equipment do you prioritize to reinforce? That really depends on the character’s role in battle. For example, for your tankers, it will be better to prioritize reinforcing their equipment pieces that boosts their HP and/or DEF. For your magicians, you can go all out in reinforcing gear that boosts their ATK. Applying this strategy will help you manage your resources efficiently in the long run.

This concludes our Hero Equipment guide for Zio and the Magic Scrolls. For more Zio and the Magic Scrolls content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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