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Quests and Achievement Guide

Quests and Achievement Guide
ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Guide

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an idle-RPG game with gacha mechanics where you’ll have to form a team of capable heroes and villains to tackle the various story stages and content the game has to offer. Quests are your repeatable tasks that you can complete daily and weekly. Playing the game regularly and completing these quests will help in earning a lot of resources that you can use to quickly improve your team and gears. In our Quests Guide, we will cover this feature’s basics and how to take advantage of the benefits it provides.

As mentioned above, quests are daily, weekly, or one-off tasks that will award you with various resources by completing them. You can access this by tapping the Scroll icon in the upper-right corner of the Kingdom menu screen. This menu is divided into three categories: Quests, Story, and Achievement.


This is where your daily and weekly quests are found. There’s a total of 9 daily quests which are refreshed as part of the daily scheduled reset. Thankfully, all of them are quite easy and simple to complete. Here’s the list of all daily quests currently in the game.
Quests and Achievement Guide

Daily Quest
Participate in a story battle once.
100 Diamonds
Reinforce an equipment once.
1 Duel Circle entry ticket
Participate in any Adventure dungeon
AFK EXP Potion x2
Summon a hero once
100 diamonds
Challenge the Demon King Tower once.
AFK Gold x2
Challenge the Duel Circle once
AFK Magic Crystal x2
Collect Bono’s Bag reward twice.
Random Soul Essence chest x3
Purchase any 1 product from the market once.
100 Diamonds
Complete all 8 other daily quests.
Hero Summon Scroll.

There are 11 weekly quests that get refreshed during the scheduled reset at the start of the week. Unlike Daily Quests, you can receive bonus rewards by completing weekly quests by purchasing the Quest Pass. However, even if you’re not willing to spend, the weekly reward is

Weekly Quest
Normal Reward
Quest Pass Reward
Summon a hero 10 times
100 Diamonds
500 Diamonds
Reinforce an equipment 10 times
1HR AFK Gold x5
1HR Mana Crystal x50
Collect Bono’s Bag reward 7 times
Soul Essence 3-piece set x5
200 Diamonds
Challenge the Demon King Tower 10 times
1HR AFK Gold x5
1HR EXP Potion x50
Purchase a product from the market 10 times
1HR EXP Potion x5
200 Diamonds
Win in the Duel Circle 5 times
100 Diamonds
1HR AFK Gold x150
Complete daily quests 10 times
300 diamonds
200 diamonds
Complete daily quests 20 times
300 diamonds
1HR AFK Gold x200
Complete daily quests 30 times
300 diamonds
1HR EXP Potion x100
Complete daily quests 40 times
300 diamonds
1HR Magic Crystal x100
Complete all weekly quests
350 Red Diamonds
500 Diamonds


These tasks are related to your overall progression through the story. You can clear these story-related tasks once per account. If you have purchased the Story Pass, you can collect additional rewards on top of the default rewards.
Quests and Achievement Guide


Similar to Story quests, you can only collect rewards once per achievement. The tasks you can find here are related to your overall gameplay progression like reaching user levels, reaching research levels in Lucas Lab, participating in specific activities X number of times, etc.
Quests and Achievement Guide

This concludes our Quests Guide for Zio and the Magic Scrolls. For more Zio and the Magic Scrolls content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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