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1. ZATMS is best enjoyed in short intervals

As an idle game, don’t expect to grind for hours in one sitting. For example, the game’s story mode only moves forward; there are no previously-cleared stages that you can go back to clear and get resources. Most of the game’s features are time-gated as well so you’re better off playing in multiple short intervals than in a single, long session.

2. Regularly clear Bono’s Bag

Your party’s bag will continuously collect gold, exp potion, user exp, magic crystals, and various loot - even when you’re not playing (as long as it’s not full). This is also where the majority of your resources will come from. Even if you’re not in the mood to play the game, at least log in to quickly clear Bono’s Bag to keep the items coming.

3. About Optional Ads and Ellie’s Stamp Book

There are opportunities where you can play Ads to get bonus rewards, such as:

* Collect resources from Bono’s Bag equal to 1 hour of idle time. (up to 5 times)

* Collect bonus resource chest via mail (1 time)

* Claim the Daily Gift chest in the shop (1 time)

* Claim the Weekly Gift (1 time)

These Ad counters get refreshed daily and weekly so you can repeat the same process if you want some bonus items. Since the rewards you’ll get are quite considerable, we suggest playing the ad to get the most out of freebies the game offers on a daily basis. These ads will play around 20-30 seconds each so you can do something else if you don’t want to be bothered.

Finally, we have Ellies’ Stamp Book. Every Ad you watch will earn you a stamp. Collect 25 stamps (basically watch 25 ads in total) to get the free 800 diamonds bonus reward. After collecting this reward, Ellie’s Stamp book will be cleared and you’re free to collect stamps once again!

4. Summon Daily

As part of the game’s scheduled reset, you’ll be able to summon for free once per day in the game’s Normal Summon (permanent banner). Additionally, you can also summon for free after collecting Hero Summon Tickets. Summon daily to try your luck and keep the pity count moving until you reach the guaranteed S-rank hero.

5. Always consider the 10 + 1 Summon

When you’re going to use your precious diamonds when summoning, always aim for the 10+1 option. That way, you’re basically getting a free unit for every 10 summons.

6. Teamwork Effect

We know that leveling up new heroes can be quite tedious and resource-intensive. Thankfully, the game has a Teamwork System which permanently increases the default level of new heroes. Normally, heroes will start at LV1 but with the teamwork effect on, all your heroes will become LV40, LV60, and so on. There are only two requirements to activate the teamwork effect:

* Your top 5 characters reach the required teamwork level

* Pay the required amount of Magic Crystals.

Once you have paid the amount of magic crystals, the minimum level of all heroes under your command will increase. This effect will only affect the heroes with levels below your teamwork effect level. Furthermore, any resources you’ve invested on heroes below the teamwork level will be refunded.

7. Complete your Daily and Weekly Quests

These quests will be a good source to earn some rare rewards like AFK items, Diamonds, and Hero Summon Scrolls. Thankfully, the required tasks aren’t that particularly hard or time-consuming either. Just do them regularly and you’ll be able to get some reasonable amount of rewards.

8. Lucas Lab and Manadonna

Lucas Lab allows you to purchase permanent upgrades that will be applicable to all your characters or all characters of the same type. You can farm the materials needed for getting these upgrades from different Adventure > Dungeon Exploration stages. Manadonna is where you can power-up your scrolls and forge (unlock) new spells. Visiting these facilities regularly and upgrading your units and scrolls will help you a lot in the long run.

9. Team Composition Matters

The game’s roster of characters are divided into different classes or roles. If you’ve been playing RPGs for a while, you should already be familiar with the concept of putting your tougher/physical-oriented characters in the front line while maintaining your healers and squishier characters in the backline.

10. Reinforce your Gears

Don’t forget that you can upgrade your equipment to make them even stronger. Prioritize giving your main units a full set of blue gear. You can even reinforce/upgrade them but don’t go overboard. Once that’s done, try to get purple gears and reinforce them regularly. Purple gears will require a higher amount of fodder to increase their levels but their stat boosts will make it up for it.

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