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Boss Raid

Boss Raid
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Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an idle-RPG game with gacha mechanics where you’ll have to form a team of capable heroes and villains to tackle the various story stages and content the game has to offer. Of course, the game has different modes that you have to tackle regularly in order to gain various resources that you can use in many aspects of the game. In our Boss Raid Guide, we will cover the basics of this particular Adventure Mode.

This mode has been recently added to the game and only accessible to players that are members of any guild. Here, you’ll be fighting a boss cooperatively with your guild members. You’ll only have three attempts available; these attempts are refreshed daily during the game’s scheduled daily reset. Every Sunday, this mode becomes temporarily inaccessible because the system needs to update / tally the participating players’ data. By simply participating, players can provide Contributions to their guild, as well as earn Guild Coins that they can use to purchase AFK items and accessories from the Guild Shop.

The boss will have an immense amount of HP and players will have to slowly chip away the boss’ HP. After defeating the boss, the next version will be unlocked. As the boss’ stage or difficulty increases, the higher its HP will be and the more difficult it is to damage. The battle ends automatically once the time runs out or if the player gets hit by the boss’ ultimate attack. If a player’s team is fast enough, they’ll have the chance to interrupt this ultimate attack by reaching the required number of hits.
Boss Raid

Players can also use Guild Scrolls - these are special scrolls that can be unlocked by guilds and used by guild members specifically against raid bosses. Otherwise, the player’s normal scrolls can be used in the battle as well.

This concludes our Boss Raid guide for Zio and the Magic Scrolls. For more Zio and the Magic Scrolls content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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