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Hero Info Basics Guide

Hero Info Basics Guide
ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Guide

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an idle-RPG game with gacha mechanics where you’ll have to form a team of capable heroes and villains to tackle the various story stages and content the game has to offer. When playing, you’ll be able to recruit/summon various heroes with different types and specialties. Knowing the basics around heroes will allow you to form powerful teams that will help you clear the game’s content or even challenge other players. In our Hero Info Basics Guide, we will discuss the various traits and stats of heroes.

To conquer the various contents of the game, you’ll need access to heroes. Of course you’ll start off with a ragtag group of heroes early on but eventually, you’ll need to summon new heroes and include the best ones to your party. Check out our Tier List for the heroes to know which heroes are worth keeping and building.

You can manage all heroes that joined you by tapping the Hero button in the lower-left corner. On top of the heroes you own, you can also check the details of other heroes you haven’t summoned yet by tapping the little book or tome icon in the lower-right corner of the Hero screen.

Hero Types

The game’s roster of heroes are divided into four types: God, Demon, Human, and Immortal. Unlike other types, Immortals have a fifth skill that can be increased to LV10 (compared to the normal skill level ceiling of 3). This makes them quite formidable and overpowered units. Simply getting one of them can be quite a game changer. As of this writing, there are only three Immortal units in the game so far.
Hero Info Basics Guide

Hero Classes

Among these hero types, we also have five different classes that determine the hero’s role in the battlefield. We have Hunters, Tankers, Supporters, Fighters, and Magicians. These hero classes fulfill specific roles and recommended positions in the field.
Hero Class
These heroes serve as the shield of your party. They have incredibly high HP and DEF stats, which are further complemented by their gear since they can wear Plate Metal armor.
These heroes are your frontline damage dealers, capable of switching fighting styles and access to self-sustaining or self-buffing skills.
Hunters are frontline units as well but specialize mainly in dealing high amounts of physical damage to enemies.
These are your trusty healers that replenish your party’s HP, provide shield, and/or buffs, and other beneficial effects. A good party should at least have one Supporter at all times.
These are your backline, ranged DPS units that can overwhelm enemies with powerful magical attacks. They’re quite squishy so don’t put them in the frontline!

Furthermore, heroes are divided into two damage attribute types: magical and physical. It’s quite easy to tell your heroes’ damage attributes apart since Hunters, Tankers, and Fighters are physical-type damaging units while Supporters and Magicians are obviously magical damage-dealers.
Hero Info Basics Guide

Hero Stats

Stats matter in the game. These numbers make up the unit’s total Combat Power which determines their capability in the battlefield. You can check a hero’s actual stats by tapping the exclamation point above their Combat Power rating when viewing their profile.
Attack Type
There are only two attack types in the game: Magic and Physical. This attribute cannot be altered or changed.
This stat determines how much damage the hero can deal to the enemy.
This stats dictates how much damage the hero can withstand from enemy attacks.
If the hero’s HP is depleted, they’ll be removed from the current battle.
Attack Speed
Determines how fast the hero deals damage.
Moving Speed
Determines how fast the hero moves in the battlefield.
Longer range will allow the hero to attack distant enemies.
Hit Rate
This stat affects the rate the hero’s attacks connect to the target.
The stat determines how often the hero dodges incoming enemy attacks.
Crit Rate
Determines the chance the hero can land a critical hit to enemies.
Crit Damage Increase
The stat affects how much damage a critical hit can deal on the enemy.
Crit Damage Decrease
Determines how much damage the hero will take from enemy critical hits.
Heal Increase
The stat determines how much HP the hero can recover when healed.
Abnormal Status Resistance
The stat determines the hero’s resistance against abnormal status effects from enemy attacks.

That’s all the basic knowledge you need to know about heroes in the game. Please refer to our other dedicated pages covering their equipment, promotion, skills, etc.

This concludes our Hero Info Basics guide for Zio and the Magic Scrolls. For more Zio and the Magic Scrolls content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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