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Dungeon Exploration

Dungeon Exploration
ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Guide

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is an idle-RPG game with gacha mechanics where you’ll have to form a team of capable heroes and villains to tackle the various story stages and content the game has to offer. Of course, the game has different modes that you have to tackle regularly in order to gain various resources that you can use in many aspects of the game. In our Dungeon Exploration Guide, we will cover the basics of this particular Adventure Mode.

This mode allows you to collect various materials that’s required to enable some upgrades in Lucas Lab. Every battle attempt in this mode will require an Entry Ticket. These tickets are automatically replenished at the rate of 1 ticket per hour. You can also buy tickets for 50 diamonds each.

Players are given 2 Bonus drops and 5 Sweep (auto-complete) attempts per day. The Bonus and Sweep counts are refreshed as part of the game’s daily scheduled reset. You can also enable Repeat Battle to allow your team to automatically enter battles (and use up tickets) until your tickets run out. Take note that losing a battle will still consume a ticket.
Dungeon Exploration

Dungeon Exploration has five maps. There’s a stage that’s available throughout the week, while the others rotate on a fixed schedule. On Sunday, all maps become accessible. Each map has 30 floors. The quality of drops increase each floor, as well as their difficulty. There are also some maps where you can’t use specific hero types so be prepared to have some alternative units that you can use.
Dungeon Exploration

Here’s the list of all maps including their drops and schedules.
Dwarf Mountain
All types allowed
Hidden Temple
God-types not allowed
Overlapping Dungeon
Demon-types not allowed
Mage Tower
Human-types not allowed
Abandoned Castle
All types allowed

This concludes our Dungeon Exploration guide for Zio and the Magic Scrolls. For more Zio and the Magic Scrolls content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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