Heroes Charge

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)
Heroes Charge Guide

When you think about heroes located in the far back, you almost always think of supports. This is not necessarily true because some of the back heroes are damage dealers not just magically but physically.


Red are Ultimate skills (they are only available if the ultimate skill bar is full)
Green are Green tier skills.
Blue are Blue tier skills.
Purple are Purple Tier Skills.

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)


Kindred: Heal (party).
Pilum: Magic damage on top of a physical attack (single target).
Convert: Converts enemies into allies (single target).
Inviolability: Physical damage resistance.

Comment: A tanky healer? Yes, ma'am. Chaplain is great hero to bring with you because of her ability to survive fights especially with physical opponents.

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)


Meteor Shower: Magic damage (area).
Inspiration: 25% boost on physical and magical attacks AND attack and movement speed.
Overdraw: Magical damage on top of physical attack.
Motivate: Agility increase (party).

Comment: Commando is a great pair for Agility based heroes, but is still effective with other heroes.

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)

Lightning Spirit

Lightning Incarnation: Magic damage (area), immune to control spells.
Lightning Remnant: Magic damage (moderate) to multiple targets (nearest).
Overload: Extra magical damage when using magical skills.
Electric Intellect: Intelligence increase.

Comment: Magical damage is what Lightning Spirit does. It is up to you if his magical prowess is enough. As for me, my party consists of disablers with tanks, and Lightning Spirit is my main magic man. Still, Lightning Spirit cannot work in any lineup, you manipulate your party to his strengths, not the other way around.

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)


Shockwave: Charge magical damage (the longer you hold, the stronger the attack, tap the icon to release)
Harmony: Refill energy bar of one ally.
Blind: Magic damage and attack accuracy decrease.
Balance: Magic power increase (party).

Comment: In certain dungeons, there will be enemies that sap away most of your energy. Mystic will be useful there. Not the one you pick as your usual suspects, but you will certainly pick him because he has his uses. May not be most of the time, but you will be glad you have him.

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)


Firebomb: Physical damage (all enemies).
Hellfire Missile: Heavy physical damage (back units).
Air Strike: Physical damage (all enemies).
AP Ammo: Armor damaging attacks.

Comment: Perfect for killing those pesky ranged and spellcasters located at the back. One of the best back heroes in terms of raw damage.

Heroes (Back; Chaplain - Poisoned One)

Poisoned One

Acid Splash: Magical damage, target being the highest HP enemy.
Toxic Spit: Magic damage, damage over time, reduced armor over time.
Salve of Resistance: Magic damage resistance.
Envenom: Physical attack damage.

Comment: Damage over time skills are not really a great deal since they are all so weak to begin with. What the Poisoned One has that no one else has? The damage over time and the reduced armor over time.

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