Heroes Charge

Heroes (Central; Imperial Executioner - Master Mage)

Heroes (Central; Imperial Executioner - Master Mage)
Heroes Charge Guide

Heroes (Central; Imperial Executioner - Master Mage)

Imperial Executioner

Smite: Magical Damage (heavy).
Thorn: Delays one target and magic damage (weak).
Power Strike: Delays one target and magic damage (moderate).
Uncanny Edge: Magic Critical increase.

Comment: Perfect synergy with all his skills; a great candidate if you want a magic damage specialist if you already have enough physical heroes.

Heroes (Central; Imperial Executioner - Master Mage)

Lightning Master

Lightning Bolt: Magic Damage (All targets, heavy).
Conductivity: Magic damage (All targets, weak)
Overload: Random target, heavy damage.
Electrostatic Field: Magic power increase.

Comment: In order for Lightning Master to be effective, he has to have high level. And what does he offer? Pure magical damage and that is all. It is so hard to even consider him as a fringe party member in certain situations because he just won’t fit and he will just waste lots of items in order for him to be effective.

Heroes (Central; Imperial Executioner - Master Mage)

Lunar Guardian

Lunar Barrage: Random targets of heavy magic damage.
Lunar Judgment: Magic damage on single target (heavy).
Moonblade: Physical damage on multiple target, each instance is weaker from the previous instance.
Chosen of Boaz: Physical damage increase.

Comment: Lunar Guardian is the perfect central hero because she strengthens everyone’s physical damage while providing heavy magical damage. She does not have disable, hence you have to pair her with back heroes that have disable spells.

Heroes (Central; Imperial Executioner - Master Mage)


Overcharge: Physical damage on multiple targets, multiple instances (weak).
Charged Shot: Moderate magical damage and blind (weakens attack accuracy).
Seeker: Area damage on two random targets (moderate)
The Red Button: Attack and casting speed boost.

Comment: The Machinist may look like a weak central character, but he is not. His blind is just too perfect for physical attackers (mostly bosses). The weak damage of overcharge is simply just an illusion as the multiple instances just stack up into the ceiling. The Machinist really needs another hero that weakens the armor and resistance of the enemies in order for him to be more than effective.

Heroes (Central; Imperial Executioner - Master Mage)

Master Mage

Sunsphere: Very heavy magical damage on non-INT heroes.
Fireball: Singe target magical damage (very heavy).
Black Mark: Displaces one target for a period of time.
Third Eye: Intelligence boost.

Comment: People just dismiss her Black Mark spell. This is one of the most important spell in the game. Yes, you cannot damage the banished target but at least you remove it from the battlefield for a long period of time. Everything else about Master Mage is just a bonus. Remember: Black Mark is not an ultimate skill, this comes cheap.

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