Heroes Charge

The Crusade, the Crusade of it All

The Crusade, the Crusade of it All
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Here are the basic tips in playing the Crusade.

What is the Crusade?

The Crusade is like the Survival mode of Heroes Charge. It is a difficult mode that will have you busy for weeks. Your preferred heroes should be at least level 40, or 50 to be sure.

Mobs in this mode are almost always be on par with the average level of your party. The party you brought to the crusade, not your reserves, even if there are heroes with much higher levels in your team. There are some random elements too, but without having the source code in hand, we cannot really assure my own calculations to be exact.

One thing for sure, once you break out to level 60 everything is much difficult. Maybe it is the wrong build, or maybe just an unlucky strike, but who knows.

You can "game" the system by lowering your Team Level and just hitting the cap with your own heroes. But where is the challenge with that? People casually play this game, so there is no need to butch up the "game" part.

Actually, the Crusade part of the game is one of the most complex part of the game. You just have to work it out, and experiment. We already laid down the heroes for you, so just follow your heart.

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