Heroes Charge

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)
Heroes Charge Guide

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)

Professional Killer

Dark Contract: Stackable HP regen and attack increase.
Blast Shot: Magical attack with physical damage bonuses.
Poison Shot: Increase attack speed.
Embrace of Shadows: Critical chance increase.

Comment: He does get away with his horrible stat growth and stats itself with his positioning and high damage. However, ranged heroes will have a field day destroying him.

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)

Psychic Sword

Sacrifice: Magic damage and stun (based on Kinetic bolt) and repositioning.
Kinetic Bolt: Magic damage and stun.
Inspire Terror: Magic damage and armor decrease (area).
Rally: Physical damage increase (party).

Comment: Unbelievably all over the place skillset. This hero is a spellcaster that gives physical damage increase to the party, and not benefiting from it.

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)


Laser Cannon: Magic damage (one target, very heavy).
Stimulant: Attack damage and speed increase in exchange for a percentage of life.
Open Fire: Bonus damage.
Penetration: Armor decreasing physical damage.

Comment: A secondary damage dealer that you will always bring with you. One of his attractive feature is his ability to weaken the opponent.

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)


Arrow Rain: Physical damage on multiple targets.
Icespark: Physical damage and slow.
Silence: Silence (area).
Forest Rage: Physical attack increase (party).

Comment: One of the most impressive heroes and you can get her pretty early, like, really early. Her stat growth is one of the best, she has a disable, she has an area attack, and she has a party enhancing skills. She does not have magical prowess, that is the use of your other party members, ain't it?

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)


Sniper: Very heavy physical damage on one target, target being the weakest.
Stunning Shot: Physical damage and dizzyness on one target.
Fulminating Shot: Magic damage (weak) on an area, several instances.
Agility Boost: Agility boost.

Comment: Another hero that does not make sense at all. He targets the weakest with his ultimate!

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)

Storm Lord

Windstorm: Magic damage (multiple targets, moderate).
Vortex: Magic damage, target being the nearest enemy.
Forked Lightning: Magic damage, three random targets.
Wind Arousal: Intelligence increase.

Comment: Very average across the board. He does not have heavy damage.

Heroes (Back; Professional Killer - Wind Master)

Wind Master

Gale Force: Sarra uses wind-enchanted arrows to deal magic damage and knock back enemies in front of her.
Concussion: Magic damage (single target).
Hailstorm: Several instances of physical attacks.
Wind Dance: Evasion.

Comment: Wind Master is a tough hero because she can just easily get away with all the dodges and evasion and all that shenanigans. She may not have huge damage that almost every back hero has, but her extreme attack speed does make up for everything else.

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