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Basic Tidbits You Wanted

Basic Tidbits You Wanted
Heroes Charge Guide

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Basic Tidbits You Wanted

Below are the basic things you should know before playing the game, so you will not have wasted time learning them.

Leveling System

- The leveling system is party based. Meaning, all of the heroes that you brought in the battle will receive the equal amount of EXP.
- KO'ed heroes will still have the EXP after the battle.
- If your heroes do not level up anymore, try to level up the Team Level, this can be done by progressing to the game. Grinding is not allowed that much to the point that you can push through the levels by repeating low level quests in Campaign.
- EXP can only be gained in two situations: Campaign encounters and EXP Potions.
- EXP potions are valuable only to low level heroes to play catch up with the rest of the heroes. Using them on high level heroes is futile since it adds only a few EXP points.

Equipment and Stat System System

- Each hero will require a set of items to promote, promoting a hero will consume ALL of the gears equipped but the stat additions remain permanently.

Below are the additions per main stat. Main stats are the following; Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.

For every point of Strength it adds 18 to base HP, and ups the physical defense by 0.14
For every point of Agility it adds 0.4 to physical attack, 0.07 to physical defense, and 0.4 critical rate percentage
For every point of Intelligence it adds +2.4 Magic base damage, and ups the magial resistance by 0.1

To get the physical damage output of the hero, you get the Hero's alignment + AGI * 0.4.

Gears provide HP Regen, Energy Regen, and Magical Critical rate only.

- Enchantment does not consume items, it only consumes the Gems. Both gears and coins are not spent during enchantment.

Skill System

-Skill level is tied to Hero level. You have to promote the hero first before having the access to the higher skills.
- If your skills deal low damage to an enemy, it does not necessarily mean that the enemy is too strong. Your skill level might be too low. Try to level the skills themselves instead of the party itself.

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