Heroes Charge

Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)

Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)
Heroes Charge Guide

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Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)

Death Bringer

Termination: Disable a single target from casting skills (Energy is consumed when active)
Flaming Land: Area damage.
Destruction: Deals damage. (Damage X 2 when number of heroes equal or more than the enemy party's units)
Devour: Consumes enemy unit and gains bonus depending on the main attribute of the consumed unit.

Strength: Increase armor.
Agility: Dodge rate increase.
Intelligence: Attack speed and Movement Speed.

Comment: Immensely overpowered as Death Bringer outright replaces any frontline hero you can think of (except Cleric) especially when it comes damage dealing. However, in Guild Raid and the Outlands, his ultimate does not affect a number of enemy units, so it is best to bring traditional damage dealers instead of him.

Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)

Death Knight

Agile Recovery: Absorb incoming damage for a certain cap
Death Coil: Magic damage / Restore HP, target being the weakest in the field.
Ward: Casts shield that absorbs damage and deals damage when it hits the cap, target being the weakest ally.
Frozen Barrier: Magic damage shield.

Comment: Cleric is the better survival frontliner as he just cover most of the important aspects in his niche. Death Knight becomes a redundancy.

Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)


Bristle-back: Takes reduced damage.
Nasal Goo: Reduce armor on single target.
Quill Spray: Deals physical damage to most front enemies.
Warpath: Gives bonus damage to Deathgore.

Comment: Deathgore is a good damage dealer while keeping itself as a very hard tank. However, you can get both of these qualities in other heroes. Not as much as Deathgore, but their other skills make up for the difference.

Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)

Depths Voice

Siren Song: Sleep on all targets.
Blade Halo: Physical damage to most fron enemies.
Entrap: Magic damage, and disable to one target.
Untouchable: Dodge (Physical damage only).

Comment: Multiple disables makes Talenta a sure pick for the frontliners. She may not have the damage, or the endurance of other heroes, but her multiple sure-fire disables are to die for.

Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)

Drunken Master

Concussive Blow: Several instances of physical damages.
Drunken Haze: Magic damage (weak) on single target with the following effects:

Physical attack reduction
Accuracy reduction
Dodge rate reduction

Shaking Strike: Physical damage (moderate, area)
Elemental Forces: Strength increase.

Comment: Weakens the physical damage output of the other party, Drunken Master is a perfect complement to a party which are soft, low in armor, and just plain squishy.

Heroes (Front; Deathbringer - Ember Blade)

Ember Blade

Ember Remnant: Summons three fire remnants that explode when Ember Blade take critical strikes.
Flame Chains: Damage over time; disables two targets
Flame Shield: Magic Shield (damage and resist magic damage)
Blazing Blades: Multiple attacks on ALL targets (invulnerability for a period of time)

Comment: Ember Blade can survive and dish damage but his disable is not that good and he does not share the survivability with his allies.

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