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Campaigns and Events

Campaigns and Events
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Campaigns and Events

There are quests in every Campaign. Let it flow naturally, and just fight the battles as they are laid down to you. *NOTE* You may have unlocked, or received a new item, or hero, when there is a red dot on the icons. Tap that immediately.

Quests will net you rewards. These rewards are usually recipes for leveling up heroes. You can basically just tap the profile of the hero and tap on the required item and you will be sent to the level where it *MIGHT* be a drop.
Dailies or Events are those things that you have to do to raise your Team Level. The Daily Events also features bonuses when you accomplish things like "Complete [stage] Y times", "Get Y number of X item", or just reaching a certain stage in the campaign. Other Daily Events events (for the lack of a better word) are,

Free Stamina: Given at specific times of the day, so you better check the game every now and then because you can't claim them after they were offered for that certain time of the day.
Midas Touch: This is unlocked when you reach Team Level 12. Activated once daily, the Midas Touch will get you Team Level Experience. There are bonuses like bonus coin multipliers.
Monthly Card: Entirely optional, not worth the wait since you could have this anyway.
Enchanting Equipment: Unlocks at Team Level 20, you can augment your heroes stats this way.

Stages are of two types:

Normal Battles: Shared EXP among participants.
Raid Battles: No EXP but drops EXP items to use to heroes. Complete Raid Battles so that you can easily pull the heroes that are getting left behind. This mode is unlocked once you completed the stage with a 3-star rating. Such is only given when you destroy the enemies without losing a single party member.

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