Heroes Charge

Heroes (Front; Fallen Dominion - Psychopath)

Heroes (Front; Fallen Dominion - Psychopath)
Heroes Charge Guide

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Heroes (Front; Fallen Dominion - Psychopath)

Fallen Dominion

Transform: Ranged attack (more powerful), should have more than half the max base energy / consumes energy over time
Mirror Image: Summons a copy of himself
Lifeforce Steal: Stuns and steals life (one target)
Devil's Blood: HP increase

Comment: An all out damage disher and nothing much else. The stun might be attractive but it only affects one target.

Heroes (Front; Fallen Dominion - Psychopath)

Iron Hoof

Assault: Attacks most front enemies
Stomp: Stun most front enemies
War Charge: Absorbs damage (entire party)
Fortitude: Strength increase

Comment: Iron Hoff's stun is amazing, but he himself cannot dish that much damage. He can absorb lots of punishment, though.

Heroes (Front; Fallen Dominion - Psychopath)

Lightning Elemental

Charged Sphere: Magic damage (area)
Lightning Strike: Magic Damage (several instances, single target)
Energy Drain: Steals physical damage.
Static Field: Increase magic resistance

Comment: Weird for a front hero since he primarily does magic damage. Also, Lightning Elemental is not that beefy to be a tank.

Heroes (Front; Fallen Dominion - Psychopath)


Throw: Physical damage (Area)
Caber: Range attack plus damage increase
Rockslide: Damage and stun (Area)
Stoneskin: Increases armor.

Comment: Beefy and dishes a lot of damage, Mountain is a sure pick if you want a front hero. He also has a stun that affects an entire area. He can basically be the only disabler you will ever need, but you need more though. For his HP, he doesn't offer much tankiness because of his pitiful resistance in magic.

Heroes (Front; Fallen Dominion - Psychopath)


Kreln Shout: Magical damage on multiple (single) targets with a chance for multiple instances
Firebomb: Splash magical damage with a chance for multiple instances
Blood Call: Attack speed increase, random target ally with a chance for multiple instances
Elder Strength: Strength increase

Comment: Psychopath is basing all his strengths in luck, but his base stats make up all for it because he is tanky with great defense and HP recovery. Elder Strength is a waste of skill though because Psychopath is a spellcaster.

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