Heroes Charge

PVP Arena

PVP Arena
Heroes Charge Guide

The PVP Arena opens at Level 10 (Team Level).

What do you get in the Arena?

- Coins
- Gladiator points
- EXP items
- Other loots

What are Gladiator points?

Gladiator points are points that you can use to exchange for Heroes Soul Stones and others. The others are irrelevant, Gladiator points should only be used to trade for Soul Stones.

How do I get Free Gems in the Arena?

Free Gems will drop if the difference between your rank and your opponents is large. The larger the gap, the bigger the chance.

Are these real people's heroes?

Yes, remember the game always connects to the Internet in order to get as much information over the Internet for PVP matches and the Dailies.

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