Heroes Charge

Heroes (Central; Necromancer - Shadow Shaman)

Heroes (Central; Necromancer - Shadow Shaman)
Heroes Charge Guide

Heroes (Central; Necromancer - Shadow Shaman)


Vampiric Strike: Steal one target’s HP.
Kreln Shout: Heavy area attack damage.
Exile: Disables one target from receiving and taking physical damage, however the magical damage is doubled in both received and taken.
Sacrid Sigil: Magic resistance boost (party).

Comment: Necromancer can survive on its own, and help boost the party’s survivability too. He is in the middle of the pack in terms of usefulness, but in certain situations he will be very helpful. So put him in your situational squad, HINT: He is effective against physical units.

Heroes (Central; Necromancer - Shadow Shaman)

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Strike: Deals heavy melee damage on the farthest enemy unit. Also increases attack speed, and sure critical instance in the first strike.
Fatal Dagger: Multiple physical damage across multiple instances to random targets, augmented in Coup of Grace.
Blur: Increase dodge rate, successful dodge results into minute energy recovery.
Coup of Grace: Critical chance and bonus damage increase.

Comment: Ninja Assassin is one of the best heroes in the game simply because of her damage output that simply ranks numero uno. Her dodge rate is also ridiculously high that you do not have to get whiny with its minute energy recovery.


Old Curse

Chilling Wave: Freeze enemy (disable).
Thermal Shock: Magic damage on two instances (multiple targets, moderate).
Flame Strike: Magic damage and damage over time.
Magma: Magic damage (area).

Comment: Old Curse is a force when it comes to magic damage, but stat growth is not really good especially for a central character. Old Curse is a good back hero, but being in a middle just won’t cut it for a good party.

Heroes (Central; Necromancer - Shadow Shaman)


Sun Burn: Magic damage in exchange for HP
Supernova: Phoenix transforms into a burning sphere when HP reaches zero. Must be destroyed within five seconds, if Phoenix survives; stun on all targets, and Phoenix is fully regenerated.
Isarus Charge: Magic damage over small area.
Flaming Bird: Summon flaming birds: increase attack damage (with magic damage, splash)

Comment: Phoenix is a great cover. He will make your back heroes more safe once your frontliners go down in flames. His magical damages may not be the best out there, but his purpose is to make sure that the back heroes survive once the first row is gone.

Heroes (Central; Necromancer - Shadow Shaman)

Shadow Shaman

Dark Benefactor: Heal (party)
Shadow Curse: Poison one target.
Vayne's Blessing: Weakers ally is saved from death for an amount of time.
Weave: Armor decrease (ALL ENEMIES)

Comment: By now, you should have a realization that I prefer armor reducing spells. In this game, raw damage does not really mean anything at all if you are not going to magnify the enemy’s vulnerabilities.

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