Heroes Charge

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)
Heroes Charge Guide

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Heroes are divided into three different roles: The Front, the Middle (Central), and the Back. In this page, we will only discuss the Front heroes.

Front heroes are usually strong and beefy heroes with high HP regen.


Red are Ultimate skills (they are only available if the ultimate skill bar is full)
Green are Green tier skills.
Blue are Blue tier skills.
Purple are Purple Tier Skills.

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)


Ancient Sails: Stuns and damages most front heroes.
Watersprout: Single target damage (medium).
Tsunami Pierce: Damage most front heroes.
Elder Strength: Adds base Strength.

Comment: Carin Lestarus is one of the most misunderstood heroes. Yes, her endurance is low because of her low HP and mediocre regeneration. Yes, she does not dish huge damage. However, she has one very special skill, Ancient Sails, as it is a sure stun to frontliners. Later in the game, it is not about how much damage you can dish, but how many times you can disable the other team and therefore either apply buffs / heals or dish damage yet again.

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)

Ancient Protector

Force of Nature: Summons plants that (1) increases the energy pool, (2) deals damage, (3) self destructing damage.
Vine Armor: Increase armor and regeneration.
Entangle: Damage over time (multiple targets)
Life Blessing: HP pool increase for the plants summoned in Force of Nature.

Comment: Mostly a utility frontliner, Ancient Protector is suited for those people who know what they are doing and are willing to experiment. Not the most effecient hero you can use, but sure is fun to use.

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)

Arcane Sapper

Energy Void: Area of Effect magic damage (the area is based on the location of the highest INT enemy unit).
Energy Burn: Same criteria as Energy Void, burns energy.
Agile Blade: Agility increase.
Anti-Mage Shield: Increases magic resistance.

Comment: Amazing for dungeons with strong spellcasters located and protected in the back. Otherwise, very unreliable because he chooses the unit you might not want to attack first.

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)

Bear Warrior

Maul: Damage all enemies.
Shockwave: Damages enemies in the most front.
Ursine Focus: Critical Strike percentage increase.
Spirit of Ursa: Damage increase.

Comment: One of the best damage dealers of the game. Not much of creativity since Bear Warrior only does one thing and one thing alone: kill everyone on his path.

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)


Axe of Elimination: Insta-kill units having less than 30% of health left. Success hit provides bonus energy apart from what already is given when providing deathblows.
Bloodcurse: Damage over Time.
Cleaving Attack: Damage most front units.
Dark Resistance: Enhances armor.

Comment: Another damage dealing hero. Nothing special but very effective.

Heroes (Front; Admiral - Cleric)


Armor of Spirit: Invulnerability for the entire party (Physical only)
Divine Light: Heal the most wounded.
Counter Course: Dispel spells, and absorb magic damage.
Blessing: Reduce physical damage.

Comment: With Cleric, you can bring as many nukers to your team as you can. His skills are the best for survival and turns a soft brigade into an unkillable squad. He himself has great base stats and growth. He does not deal a lot of damage, but he really does not have to because he'll keep everyone alive all the time.

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