Heroes Charge

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)
Heroes Charge Guide

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)

Savage One

Smash and Grab: Magic Damage with stun in select multiple targets (Area)
Arc Swing: Physical Damage in an area
Corrosion: Decreases armor of a single target (Heavy)
Elder Strength: Strength increase

Comment: Savage One may not be a sexy one in terms of skills. They are all straightforward, however, Corrosion is the best, yes, the BEST, skill in this game because it makes a single target more than vulnerable on both Magical and Physical ends. Very effective against bosses.

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)

Shallows Keeper

Shallow Keeper: Stun on multiple targets.
Tidal Force: Decrease armor (single target, low)
Anchor Aweigh: Damages most front enemies.
Shield of the Deep: Armor increase plus damage resist (self only).

Comment: Multiple stun is great, but that is it. He is one of the beefiest hero though.

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)


Psychopompus: Magic damage based on missing HP; target being the most weakened enemy.
Summons Manes: Damage enemies and cures allies (low).
Gift of Life :HP boost.
Gift of Death: Magic Resistance boost.

Comment: Enormous HP pool and close to being magic immune, Soulhunter is a great candidate for a tank. However, his ultimate is not reliable because always almost all of the times, the boss has the highest HP pool.

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)


Dagger Dance: Multiple physical damage on all targets.
Fearless Charge: Physical damage plus resist damage.
Protector: Heal all allies (heavy).
Surgical Strike: Agility increase.

Comment: Physical damage is Swordmaster’s specialty. He also has heal too. However, do not pick him to become your main healer, there are other heroes more suited for that role.

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)

Vanguard Warrior

Phase Bash: Three hits to a single target (farthest unit back) with stun.
Charge of Valor: Bash multiple target and damage (moderate)
Heavier Bash: Stun and damage (moderate)
Concentration: Attack accuracy increase.

Comment: Stun galore gallery! Vanguard Warrior is very vulnerable to spellcasters, that is why you should pair this hero with heroes that increase magic resistance, otherwise, he’d be dead before he can stun anyone.

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)

War Chief

Hammer Throw: Stun (single target)
Power Swing: Physical damage on a single target (Heavy)
Kreln Bloodcall: Lifesteal on party (low).
Rage: Revive (self, once per battle only)

Comment: Longevity is War Chief’s specialty. He will be the last hero standing for sure in your party when faced with strong enemies.

Heroes (Front; Savage One - Warrior Monk)

Warrior Monk

Earthshatter: Magic damage and stun on all targets.
Broadswing: Magic damage and stun (area).
Quake: Stun and magic damage (area).
Elder Strength: Strength increase.

Comment: Warrior Monk does a lot of stunning, but somewhat low in raw damage. Pair this hero with damage dealing back heroes and you are good to go.

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