Heroes Charge

Team Building Question and Answers

Team Building Question and Answers
Heroes Charge Guide

Team Building Question and Answers

How many support should I bring? One or Two or Three?

- No right answer for this, basically, the Cleric is enough as a support and tank. Just make sure these supports have two or more high damaging skills and have enough energy to pull off another one.

How many tanks?

- No right answer again, you still have to at least have one front tank that will accept all the damage and survive. Once the front heroes are dead and it's not in the middle of the battle yet, everyone's going to die for sure. (Except when you have those dodgy heroes in the back).

In terms of damage which is better, Physical or Magical?

- Largely depends on the foes. There are mobs that are highly resistant to magic, and there are mobs that are armored against physical. Make sure you have the right amount of mixture of both. To be sure, have two pairs of heroes that do magical and physical and sub them in and sub them out.

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