Heroes Charge

Heroes (Central; Silencer - Warrior Monk)

Heroes (Central; Silencer - Warrior Monk)
Heroes Charge Guide

Heroes (Central; Silencer - Warrior Monk)


Strategist: Silence (all enemies)
Silence: Silence (one target)
Befuddle: Magic damage and energy leak (area, moderate)
Searing Aura: Extra holy damage per attack.

Comment: Silencer does nothing but silence the other party. AND THAT IS GOOD. LIKE REALLY GOOD. You should put Silencer in your party as soon as you have him because he just disables everyone. Yes, stun might be a better option, but Silencer has energy pool and multiple Silence spells that will shut up all of his detractors.

Heroes (Central; Silencer - Warrior Monk)


Soulshout: Magic damage (all enemies)
Venomdar: Damage over time (magical, weak)
Soul Blaze: Magic damage (Area)
Chaos Dance: Dodge (self, active)

Comment: Offers pure magic damage and a little bit of survivability.

Heroes (Central; Silencer - Warrior Monk)

Tusked Storm

Battle Focus: Increase in attack speed and magical and physical damage. Also increases allies attack and movement speed by 25% as well as the physical and magical damage output increase.
Whirlwind Axe: Physical damage to most front units.
Axe Skill: Physical damage (heavy).
Battle Fever: Attack speed increase.

Comment: The rare combination of physical grunt and support skill, Tusked Storm is a must-have for those who want a versatile hero. The bonuses help each and everyone and not just a little but a lot.

Heroes (Central; Silencer - Warrior Monk)

Vengeance Spirit

Petrify: Disable and moderate magic damage (Area).
Split Arrow: Attacks four targets (half of actual damage delivered to four targets, skill level will increase the damage dealt to the targets)
Theft of Essence: Energy sap (multiple targets).
Anti-Mage Shield: HP increase.

Comment: Anti-Mage Shield is not a magical resistance but just base HP increase. Vengeance Spirit has one foot in and one foot out of what she really wants to be, she's neither a magical hero nor a physical hero, she's neither a support nor a tank, she's neither a disabler nor a status afflicting hero. In short, she has nothing to offer.

Heroes (Central; Silencer - Warrior Monk)

Wandering Spearman

Blood Pact: Attack power (in exchange for weak physical damage to self).
Sacrifice: Damage over time (one target).
Gift: Kogo: Heal over time; target being the weakest ally.
Spell Resistance: Magic Resistance increase.

Comment: Dishes a lot of physical damage while being tanky and tough. One of the best heals of the game, however, it is better to focus on his attack power because you can always have other heroes do the healing instead of him.

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