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Towers and Upgrades Basics

Towers and Upgrades Basics
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Since you'll also be dealing with both aerial and ground targets, at least two of the four towers can shoot down airborne targets. The machine gun tower is the standard and cheap tower that can deal fast, direct damage against targets and can jump from target to target quickly. The Rocket tower fires slow but powerful homing rockets that deal splash damage upon contact. The Laser Tower fires a single but powerful laser beam that can pass through enemy shields but that has a very slow reload time. Finally, the Infantry Tower spawns up to three soldiers that will engage enemies in combat. Killed soldiers will be replaced by new ones spawning from the tower until the maximum number is deployed in the battlefield. You can set the waypoint where the soldiers will take point once they emerge.

Towers and Upgrades Basics

As you progress in the game, you'll play in maps with multiple entry points for your alien enemies and multiple checkpoints as well. There are limited spaces for your towers, and some of them will have debris that require energy to clear before you can start building towers on them. As bonus, each map has a Tesla Tower that has three charges. It can reach anywhere in the map and can instantly kill several enemies at once. After using, it will go through a brief cooldown before you can use it again. This is a very good backup tower in case you find your defenses getting overwhelmed or if the enemies are about to break through. Once the three charges are up, you can spend gems to get additional charges.

Towers and Upgrades Basics

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