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01: Kontiki Bay

01: Kontiki Bay
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01: Kontiki Bay
Waves: 5
Starting Energy: 525
Lives: 20

01: Kontiki Bay
This is the very first campaign map and a simple one. There's only one path that the enemies can take and one exit to guard. Try placing an Infantry Tower in thse second corner and position Flak along with your soldiers. The enemies are just basic Grunts and Slingers so they should be decimated with machine gun fire and rockets. Place a rocket near your infantry tower so the splash damage can hit multiple enemies engaging your soldiers and hero.


01: Kontiki Bay
Waves: 6
Starting Energy: 350
Lives: 1

01: Kontiki Bay

For this mission, you're restricted in using MG and Rocket Towers only. You'll also start with a lower starting energy. With that budget, you can place two MGs and one Rocket tower. Place them in the first three spots near the enemy spawn point, preferably the Rocket in between the two MGs. Move your hero near the towers as well. Upgrade your towers or build more once you have more energy.

Spec Ops

01: Kontiki Bay
Waves: 1
Starting Energy: 500
Lives: 1

01: Kontiki Bay

Occupy the first four towers near the enemy spawn point and move your hero there. Create an Infantry tower place two MGs and a Rocket tower in the four spots around the corners. The enemies are just a steady stream of Slingers, which should be soft enough to be dealt with by rockets and MG towers.

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