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Machine Gun

Machine Gun
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Machine Gun

This is a staple and the game's basic tower. It has high fire rate, can switch between targets quickly, and deal average damage. It's effective against fast and weaker enemies but when upgraded, machine gun towers can quickly whittle down even the hardest Creep armor or shields. Consider placing these after heavy towers like Rocket Towers and Laser Towers so they can quickly pick off heavily damaged and low-health enemies.

All upgrades are unlocked in a linear manner; you have to purchase the preceding upgrade before you can unlock the next one.

Machine Gun

Critical hit chance increased by 10%
Adds an additional damage to increase damage output
Insulated Barrels
Fire rate increased by 20%
Jacketed Rounds
Damage increased by 15%
Telescopic Sights
Increase MG Tower range by 10%
Upgraded model further increases range and firepower
Discount Parts
Build / Upgrade cost is reduced by 10%
Plutonium Rounds
Damage increased by 30%
Railgun Tower
Converts the MG Tower to a Railgun Tower. Excellent damage but slow rate of fire.
Range Augment
Increase the range of nearby towers by 20%
Slows down enemies by 50% for 4 seconds
Minigun Tower
High-close range damage and turn rate.
Spawns a mobile drone capable of dealing with hardened creeps
Periodically envelops an area with a hail of bullets.

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