Alien Creeps TD

19: Pharaoh's Tomb

19: Pharaoh's Tomb
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19: Pharaoh's Tomb

Waves: 9

Starting Energy: 1600

Lives: 20

19: Pharaoh's Tomb

Another large map, with two teleporters, blocked tower slots, and three exits. The main path is in the middle while the other two, shorter paths are connected to the teleporters. The entrance to the teleporters are near to each other so it will beneficial to set up some defenses there later on. Establish a blockade in the main path's crossroad then create a quad-beam tower. As you gain energy, set up another quad-beam tower on the left road, then set-up another one on the road to the right. Reinforce the position by dropping in additional soldiers via helipad if necessary.

As you continue with the mission, remember to upgrade your infantry tower as well, make them vanguards if possible. On the 6th wave, a new enemy called the Blinker will appear. These guys can teleport in a short distance and you need infantry to engage them. Continue upgrading your towers as necessary and try to clear the rubble on the tower slot near the central teleporter. In the later waves, behemoths will take enter here, making it hard for them to stop especially when they're critically damaged.


19: Pharaoh's Tomb

Waves: 6

Starting Energy: 1400

Lives: 1

19: Pharaoh's Tomb

You can only use Infantry and Laser towers in this mission. Like the campaign mission, you have to change your infantry towers' waypoints to cover the spots you need to defend. You should have at least three infantry towers built; one for each path. Next, build a fully upgraded quad-beam tower. You have to build additional laser towers in the nearby positions and upgrade them to LV2 at least. Otherwise, they won't deal that much damage to the targets.

Spec Ops

19: Pharaoh's Tomb

Waves: 1

Starting Energy: 1750

Lives: 1

19: Pharaoh's Tomb

Apply the initial setup as you did in the campaign mode. In the initial wave, you have to deal with heavily armored grunts and sand slingers, as well as enforcers. In the later wave, three juggernauts will appear at the same time which can be very tough to take down especially if you haven't set up your defenses yet. Even worse is that you have Jolts to deal with. Vanguards with EMP grenades works wonders against the shield spinners. Alternatively, you can use laser towers to penetrate their shields instead. Make sure you have several infantry units near the main path since Mirages will appear shortly after the wave starts. Save your tesla tower charges as much as possible when you definitely need it.

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