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These are barracks that spawn three armed soldiers that can engage ground enemies and block their path. Upgrading their barracks provides them with better gear and increased health, making them more effective and hardened to face even the elite Creeps. Unlike other towers, Infantry Towers have Rally Points. This is the effective range where the soldiers go when they spawn. Infantry Towers spawn unlimited soldiers but they can't exceed three. If the deployed soldiers die, the tower will spawn new ones until you get three of them.

All upgrades are unlocked in a linear manner; you have to purchase the preceding upgrade before you can unlock the next one.


Increase troop damage by 50%
Replaces the normal infantry with better equipped rangers.
Vitality Boost
Increase troop health by 15%
Body Armor
Damage reduced by 25%
Stim Packs
Troops heal 25% faster when out of combat
Delta Squad
Deploys elite soldiers on the ground with better equipment and firepower
Streamline Design
Build / Upgrade cost is reduced by 10%
Cardio Conditioning
Increase troop health by 30%
Special unit that can engage both land and air targets
Bounty Hunter
Double the energy from enemies killed by Airborne Troops
Airborne Troops drop mines intermittently
The most powerful soldier units that can be deployed.
2nd Chance
Gives vanguards 50% revival upon death with full health
EMP Grenades
Vanguards can throw shield-weakening EMP grenades

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