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Laser towers fires slow but powerful beams on a target. This is very effective against shielded enemies since the laser beams can penetrate shields and even heavily damage any creep as long as the beam is firing on them.

All upgrades are unlocked in a linear manner; you have to purchase the preceding upgrade before you can unlock the next one.


Upgrade Effect
Prism Refinement Increase rate of fire by 20%
Laser Mk II Upgrade that increases the tower's damage output
Pulse Modulation Increase beam duration by 25%
Focused Lens Increase damage by 15%
Tritium Illumination Increase range by 10%
Laser Mk III Range and damage output further increased
Die Cast Components Build / Upgrade cost is reduced by 10%
Concentrated Lens Increase damage by 30%
Quad-Beam Fires multiple laser beams at once
IR Surveillance Target cloaked enemies using infra-red sensors
Caustic Cloud Emits a corrosive gas that burns for 350 dmg over 3 seconds
Plasma Cannon Further increases damage output to a single target
Teleport Teleports targeted enemies back up to the path they came from
Mind Control Turns weak enemies to fight for your side.

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