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Call in reinforcements that will drop heavy ordnance to the specified location. This deals devastating area damage, capable of instantly killing hardened Creeps. This damages both land and air targets. Since friendly units and heroes are not affected by collateral damage, this is best used in a bottleneck where enemy forces are engaging your soldiers since the targets will be stopped on their tracks, allowing you to kill more in one sortie.


All upgrades are unlocked in a linear manner; you have to purchase the preceding upgrade before you can unlock the next one.

Upgrade Effect
Airburst Increase blast radius of each bomb by 10%
Bunker Buster Increase damage inflicted by each bomb by 100%
Logistics Reduce cooldown by 20 seconds
Napalm Airstrikes burn enemies for 15 dmg per second
Wingman Adds second jet that doubles the payload

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