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09: Devil's Bend

09: Devil's Bend
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09: Devil's Bend

Waves: 5
Starting Energy: 1750
Lives: 20

09: Devil's Bend

In this map, there are three spawn points and two exits. You can blockade the intersection connecting the main road and the dirt road leading to both checkpoints. However, you should be wary of the crashed spaceship in the lower left corner since enemies will be coming out of there as well. To start, create two infantry towers near the intersection and change their waypoints to converge in the blockade and to guard the spaceship exit. Fill the remaining slots with alternating towers and use the extra funds to upgrade the two infantry towers and the nearby towers in the blockade. If you want some peace of mind, drop in reinforcements near the spaceship entrance as well. Healers will be introduced in this level as well so make sure to target them immediately and focus fire on them to prevent them from healing their allies. In the third wave, Vipers will arrive so make sure you have good anti-air defenses, especially when they can get past your blockade. Don't hesitate to use your tesla tower to deal with them. In the later waves, be careful of the groups of Crusaders and Rocketeers with Healers on them that will appear from the spaceship. You must have at least one extra upgraded tower, preferably an MG or laser tower in the last slot in the main road checkpoint to deal with stragglers.


09: Devil's Bend

Waves: 6
Starting Energy: 1200
Lives: 1

09: Devil's Bend

In this mode, you can only build laser and rocket towers. Furthermore, some of the tower slots are blocked as well. You'll need to call in reinforcements to blockade the intersection leading to the two checkpoints and the spaceship exit. As usual, prioritize upgrading the towers near the defensive positions indicated earlier and clear the blocked towers to put in additional towers. It's recommended to place more laser towers so you can effectively focus fire on healers and shoot down the Vipers faster.

Spec Ops

09: Devil's Bend

Waves: 1
Starting Energy: 2000
Lives: 1

09: Devil's Bend

Start by clearing the blocked tower slot near the intersection you need to defend. Position your forces their and change their waypoint so they won't be picked off immediately by Rocketeers. Next, install rocket and laser towers near the defensive positions. Fill the other free slots with other towers and if you have extra funds, use it to upgrade your infantry towers and one more laser tower. At this time, prioritize upgrading your laser towers first so you can easily take out healers and vipers.

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