Alien Creeps TD

05: River's Edge Garrison

05: River's Edge Garrison
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05: River's Edge Garrison

Waves: 5
Starting Energy: 1000
Lives: 20

05: River's Edge Garrison

There are three enemy spawn points in the map, including the one in the middle which will open in the later waves. Create two infantry towers near the bottleneck and place one laser tower and two rocket towers there. Change the spawn points of your infantry towers so that they all converge in the middle, along with your hero(es). Scatter the other tower types in the available slots then slowly clear the rubble in the other four blocked slots as you continue with the mission.

05: River's Edge Garrison

In the second wave, a Destroyer will appear from the spaceship and will slowly walk towards your defenses via the middle path. Concentrate your fire on it and use your tesla or airstrike if needed. After clearing the last wave, a Reinforcer will appear. This is a boss unit that can summon multiple alien creeps in random locations. Concentrate your fire on it and upgrade your towers along its way if you have excess funds. Take note that it will not follow the fixed path and it will hover wherever it wants to.


05: River's Edge Garrison

Waves: 6
Starting Energy: 1250
Lives: 1

05: River's Edge Garrison

For this mission, you can only use MG Towers and Rocket Towers. Build two MG towers near the bottleneck and clear the rubble on the slot in the middle. Place a rocket there then scatter the other free slots with alternating MG and Rocket towers. Prioritize upgrading the ones near the bottleneck then clear the rubble on the other slots so you can place more towers.

Spec Ops

05: River's Edge Garrison

Waves: 1
Starting Energy: 1500
Lives: 1

05: River's Edge Garrison

You'll have more towers slots to use with only three of them blocked. Like your strategy in the campaign, create two infantry towers near the checkpoint. Clear the blocked slot there and place a laser tower in the middle. Consider placing an MG tower on the left slot beside the infantry tower and a rocket tower on the right side. Now occupy the free slots with alternating tower types to whittle down the enemy forces before they reach the bottleneck.

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