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Reinforcements and Airstrikes

Reinforcements and Airstrikes
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The game also gives players the chance to call in reinforcements and airstrikes. Reinforcements will arrive via helicopter and will drop off a handful of elite soldiers. They can be ordered to move in a particular location, and will stay in the map until they're killed. Their HP also regenerates over time. Airstrikes call in bombers to deliver ordnance to the specified spot. These abilities need a brief cooldown before you can use them again. They're also consumable so the amount you see in your screen is the actual number of remaining times you can call in these abilities.

Reinforcements and Airstrikes

You'll get five airstrikes and reinforcements every six hours for free. You can exchange gems for additional airstrikes and reinforcements, as well as connecting via Facebook and send/receive care packages from your friends who are playing the game as well. Furthermore, these abilities can be upgraded as well like improving your reinforcement soldiers' armor and damage or adding an extra plane to deliver more payload for airstrikes.

Reinforcements and Airstrikes

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