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This special ability allows you to call in reinforcements on the specified spot. These are a bit more powerful than the ordinary soldiers that the Infantry tower spawns and is reliable when you need to reinforce a bottleneck or checkpoint. Reinforcement soldiers will remain in the battlefield until they're killed and you can call in additional units even when the previous reinforcements you called are still in the battlefield. You can also control them and point them to any location you choose, unlike the Infantry soldiers that are only limited within the tower's visual range.

All upgrades are unlocked in a linear manner; you have to purchase the preceding upgrade before you can unlock the next one.


Health Packs
Reinforcements have 300% more health
Hollow Points
Reinforcements deal 300% more damage
Flak Jackets
Damage reduced by 25%
Brother in Arms
Get an additional squad member
Turnaround Time
Cooldown timer reduced by 10 seconds

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