Alien Creeps TD

03: Nakbe Refinery

03: Nakbe Refinery
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03: Nakbe Refinery

Waves: 5
Starting Energy: 700
Lives: 20

03: Nakbe Refinery

This map has one enemy spawn point and one checkpoint but the path splits to two in the middle before converging to a bottleneck near the checkpoint. That said, you can concentrate your soldiers in this area and build additional towers near it to support your troops. Fill up the other spots with other towers once you have enough energy, then upgrade the barracks and towers near the bottleneck. You may consider placing one laser tower near the bottleneck since you'll encounter Orbweaver Droids and Knights in this map that utilizes shields.


03: Nakbe Refinery

Waves: 6
Starting Energy: 650
Lives: 1

03: Nakbe Refinery

This map has more spots where you can place towers which are all not blocked by rubble. Apply the same strategy before but this time, create two Infantry towers, nearest to the checkpoint. You're restricted in using MG Towers and Infantry Towers only for this mode so litter the other slots with them. You only need two Infantry Towers. Prioritize upgrading the towers near the bottleneck.

Spec Ops

03: Nakbe Refinery

Waves: 1
Starting Energy: 975
Lives: 1

03: Nakbe Refinery

You have the same number of tower slots in this map though three of them are blocked. You can apply the strategy as you did in Veteran mode but don't hesitate to use the Tesla Tower and call in airstrikes or reinforcements if you feel that the enemies are about to break through.

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