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Rocket Towers fires slow but powerful rockets that's capable of dealing Heavy damage to multiple enemies caught within its blast radius. These are best used near Infantry Towers's rally point since your foot Soldiers can hold off a few enemies, allowing the rockets to damage them all at once.

All upgrades are unlocked in a linear manner; you have to purchase the preceding upgrade before you can unlock the next one.


Auto Reloader
Reduces reload times by 20%
Rocket Mk II
Fires two rockets at once, increasing damage output
Shaped Charge
Critical hit chance increased by 10%
Increase artillery damage by 15%
Range Finder
Increase tower range by 10%
Rocket Mk III
Further increased range and damage
Build / Upgrade cost is reduced by 10%
Tungsten Rounds
Increase artillery damage by 30%
Thermo Warhead
Fires experimental rockets with powerful payloads
Seismic Bomb
Slows enemies down by 50% for 5 seconds
Sets enemies ablaze dealing 300dmg for 20 seconds
Sends out a controllable mobile drone that rains rockets
M.A.R.V fires one-hit-kill missiles periodically (excluding Bosses)
Concussion Grenade
M.A.R.V fires a dizzying bomb that weaken and slow down enemies.

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