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About Heroes

About Heroes
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Thew game features unique heroes that you can deploy in battle. You'll get one free Hero (named Flak) and others you can buy through microtransaction. You get to try other heroes by playing the campaign missions. These heroes will be at max level but after completing the mission, they can't be used anymore until you purchase them.

About Heroes

Heroes earn experience that allow them to level up and unlock more powerful skills. You can spend gems to level them up instantly. Higher levels require more gems. The max level for each hero is 20 and each of them has 5 skills each. Their stats vary by damage, armor rating, health, and revival speed.

About Heroes

Heroes regenerate HP and they don't die. If their HP is depleted, they'll stay down for a few seconds before getting revived with full HP. Their abilities, immortality, and increased stats are quite invaluable in battle. You can carry up to two heroes per battle.

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