Alien Creeps TD

07: Kula Campground

07: Kula Campground
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07: Kula Campground

Waves: 5
Starting Energy: 1200
Lives: 20

07: Kula Campground

You'll get the chance to use Cinder in this mission. There are two checkpoints and three spawn points. The crashed spaceship in the middle will spawn creeps in the second wave in the mission so make sure to clear the rubble once you've established a good defense. It will be a good idea to place laser or rocket towers near the spaceship's exit to help soften up the Crusader and Rocketeer creeps that will spawn from it. If needed, order Cinder to engage them. Her flamethrower will help a lot in dealing with these heavily armored enemies. In the last wave, you'll have to engage a Destroyer. Make sure to focus fire on it as early as you can.


07: Kula Campground

Waves: 6
Starting Energy: 1000
Lives: 1

07: Kula Campground

In this battle, you can only use MG and Laser towers. You still need some infantry backup so consider dropping reinforcements in each of the checkpoints. However, ther path leading to the southeast is blocked by a tower slot so you can place the reinforcements there instead. You'll have more tower slots and fortunately, none of the nearest ones are blocked. Using your funds, place laser and MG towers alternately to each other. You don't have to clear the two blocked slots immediately; consider using the funds to upgrade your towers first. In the final wave, a Destroyer and several Crusaders will join the fray. Consider using your Tesla and Airstrikes to kill them.

Spec Ops

07: Kula Campground

Waves: 1
Starting Energy: 1250
Lives: 1

07: Kula Campground

If you only have one hero, consider moving him from any of the two paths since you'll need the extra firepower and diversion. Like in the campaign mode, place two infantry towers near the exits. Back them up using rocket and laser towers. Also, place laser towers and rocket towers near the spaceship's exit. Also, make sure to upgrade your infantry tower to give your soldiers higher resistance to survive the Rocketeers' explosive attacks.

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