Alien Creeps TD

06: Jo's Diner

06: Jo's Diner
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06: Jo's Diner

Waves: 5

Starting Energy: 1000

Lives: 20

06: Jo's Diner

There are three spawn points in this map; two on the left and one on the upper right. You also have two checkpoints to defend. The main road is where the majority of the enemy forces will take though some them will take a detour using the dirt road to the north. This can be proved troublesome since Bomb Pigs and Hunters will be introduced in this map as well. Bomb Pigs disable some of your towers temporarily when they explode upon their death, while Hunters have long-ranged, anti-personnel gun that can take out your heroes and soldiers from afar. You need at least two infantry towers built near the checkpoints and you have to place your heroes in each of the two paths. You may also consider calling reinforcements in the main road blockade to bolster your defenses. In the later waves, enemies will start arriving from the offroad path on the northeast corner. Make sure you clear the blocked tower slot there and place a laser tower since enemies there won't arrive in swarms and you need to soften them up quickly before your soldiers engage them.

Completing this mission unlock challenges 8 to 13.


06: Jo's Diner

Waves: 6

Starting Energy: 900

Lives: 1

06: Jo's Diner

You're restricted in using laser towers and infantry towers only. The dirt road connecting to the main road is blocked by a tower slot so you don't have to worry about re-routing enemies. However, the spawn on the upper right is still open so expect enemies to arrive from there as well. Also, one of the tower slots beside the main road checkpoint is blocked and it costs 200 energy to clear it. As much as you need it, don't clear it immediately; you need that starting energy to build up your defenses. Have your main hero stand by here and create another infantry tower. Set its waypoint on the intersection between the mainroad and the dirt road. In the lower dirt road, build an infantry tower. If you have a second hero, consider stationing him/her there. Otherwise, reinforce the position later by calling reinforcements once the battle started and upgrading the infantry tower. Occupy the other slots with laser towers and prioritize upgrading the infantry towers as well.

Enemies will arrive from the northeastern spawn point later in the third wave. When wave 4 starts, a stream of Bomb Pigs will arrive and will disable your outer towers consecutively. Prepare to use your tesla tower as necessary. At the 5th wave, Hornets will arriveso you should have at least a few towers upgraded to LV2 at this point. On the last wave, Juggernauts will join the waves so prepare to focus fire on them.

Spec Ops

06: Jo's Diner

Waves: 1

Starting Energy: 1500

Lives: 1

06: Jo's Diner

This mode brings back the campaign setup with the upper dirt road cleared for re-routing. As usual, create two infantry towers near the checkpoints and set up a blockade. However, anticipate enemies taking the detour from the main road and Hunters appearing from the northeastern spawn point. Juggernauts will also appear early in the wave so make sure to tap and focus fire on them immediately. Continue upgrading your towers once you have enough funds and you should be able to survive this mode.

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