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X. Building the Radar Station

X. Building the Radar Station
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The next logical and necessary step in game play and improving your base defenses and offensive capabilities is to build the Radar Station - which adds a range of 8 units to your scanning radius.

Once the new Radar Station is placed a quick check of the Map reveals that a series of four (4) new sections of the map that are currently covered by the clouds that are often called “The Fog of War” in RTS circles.

The new sections, from clockwise on the map, are:

1. Northeast at 2 O’clock, 360 Gold Coins;
2. South at 5 O’clock, 310 Gold Coins;
3. West at 9 O’clock, 800 Gold Coins;
4. Northwest at 10 O'clock, 270 Gold Coins.

For a total of 1,740 Gold Coins we can reveal a total of X new targets for invasion and battle! These new targets are made up of the following:

1. 2 O'clock: Sniper Brothers Level 3 Island;
2. 5 O'clock: Rat's Nest Level 3 Island;
3. 6 O'clock: Ballistic Threat Level 3 Island;
4. 9 O'clock Fatal Level 1 Island ;
5. 9 O'clock Ammo Supply Level 6 Island;

Keeping the Radar Installation upgraded is a priority.
Keeping the Radar Installation upgraded is a priority.

As we reveal these new sections that scanning reveals additional new sections, including the following:

1. 3 O'clock: 1,000 Gold Coins;
2. 7 O'clock: 600 Gold Coins;
3. 11 O'clock: 900 Gold Coins.

The revelations quickly reveal new opportunities for some quick gold and also a special Treasure Chest with 31 Pink Diamonds!

In perspective these new locations revealed by the new Radar Installation function like dominos, with each newly explored section revealing another and another, and so on, until no new sections remain and we must again upgrade the Radar and so repeat that process!

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