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Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips
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Explore the map

The best way to get Diamonds in Boom Beach is to explore the map, keeping an eye out for treasure chests dotted around unexplored areas. In addition to this, you may also come across lucrative resource bases, which will be invaluable for keeping your island ticking over.

Always scout

The game generously allows you to preview the enemy base before attacking. This means you should never be charging into a battle that you stand no hope of winning. Take the time to scout a base properly, thinking about what units you might need and how to deploy your Gunboat arsenal. If you know what you are likely to be facing, you also don't have to unnecessarily risk troops by sending an army that is too large to take an enemy base.

You should always scout enemy bases before attacking
You should always scout enemy bases before attacking

Flank the enemy

Most players, especially at lower levels, do not pay attention to the position of their HQ or defenses at the side of the base, instead concentrating all of their efforts in the center. With this in mind, deploy your units to the side of the landing area, and use Flares from the Gunboat to avoid enemy defenese altogether.

Concentrate on the HQ

The enemy may try to divert your attention with other buildings, and indeed, some players will focus on resource structures as they can be lucrative. However, your primary concern should always be taking out the HQ as quickly as possible - this minimizes the risk to your troops. Of course, you don't want to leave them standing there attacking the HQ while they are also being pummelled by defenses, but as soon as possible you should send them to attack the HQ. Each attack is timed, so if you only have a few troops left at the end of a particularly hard fight, an extra thirty seconds may be crucial to success.

Patience is a virtue

You receive a lot of Diamonds in Boom Beach, but they will also run out very quickly if you use them every time you can't be bothered to wait for an upgrade. Nothing will happen if you put the game down for 24 hours and allow your HQ to level up naturally, except you will save yourself some premium currency.

Plan your time carefully

If you are going to be away all day, try to plan your efforts in the game so that they culminate in a big upgrade that uses the time. There's nothing more frustrating than having a whole day to spend playing the game only to realize that you've got to wait for an upgrade before you can do anything meaningful. Save the big upgrades for when you'll be away from the game.

Chop down trees

Early in the game you will need as much Wood as possible to be able to build all the structures you have available. The best way to get this is not to wait for your Sawmills to produce it, but rather to manually tap on the trees and spend the Gold to chop them down. Some older trees will require you to be a higher level to chop down, but you should never forget that you have these easy resources at your disposal.

Complete lots of achievements

Achievements in Boom Beach are the the other main way to earn Diamonds. Check the achievements menu and focus on completing any that you are close to for some easy, and free, Diamonds. Make sure you go back to the screen once you have completed them to claim your reward too!

Explore the map to find bonuses and free premium currency
Explore the map to find bonuses and free premium currency

Learn from your mistakes

When your base is attacked you should always watch the replay available of the enemy's movements. This allows you to reposition buildings to cover any blindspots, and see how enemies approach your base from an offensive point of view - something which is otherwise very hard to understand.

Pick the right units for the task

Having scouted the enemy's base, pick the best combination of units to tackle the challenge ahead. Don't neglect weaker units and just build the most powerful on offer - Riflemen and Zookas may not have much health, but you can use Heavies to soak up the enemy attacks by sending them on ahead, and still get the best of their strengths. It is important to be able to employ a variety of units in Boom Beach.


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