Boom Beach

IX. Making a Stronger Base

IX. Making a Stronger Base
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Now that we are back at the base and relatively safe, let us take a few moments to examine the play screen with a new and curious eye.

Our base itself has new symbols on it! The small house has a gold coin symbol, and the Sawmill has a lumber plank symbol. These are meant to indicate that these two structures now have resources that we can collect and add to our existing stockpile.

Starting at the left-hand-side-top of the screen lets look at the other changes...

Experience Level: The large white number in the top-left-corner that represents our current player level has not changed, but the meter that surrounds it has - the frame of the circle that contains our player level also happens to be the XP Meter and as you can see, it is now half-filled, with a nice light-blue line starting at 12 Noon position and ending at the Six O'Clock position, which tells us that we are halfway to Level 2!

Tapping on the Level Number displays details about our Level and XP status: We are Experience Level 1, and we need 2 more XP to reach Experience Level 2, which requires a total of 4 XP.

We are also reminded where XP comes from: “Earn Experience Points at the Armory or with building construction and upgrades.”

Even a simple looking target like this base can be a complicated battle thanks to well-placed mines and mortars.

Even a simple looking target like this base can be a complicated battle thanks to well-placed mines and mortars.

Victory Points (Medals): We now have a “1” in the slot next to the Medal in the top-left-corner of the screen to represent the single Victory Point we earned in our successful invasion of the island a few minutes ago.

Now move to the right-hand-top-corner where we see the displays for our resource stockpiles and total number of Pink Diamonds in our Bank. When we tap upon each display item individually we obtain some details:

Gold Bank: 1,940 Gold Coins in our Bank. 140 Production Per Hour, divided between 120 from Home, and 20 from freed villagers. We also see that our total Storage Capacity is 3,000.

Wood Bank: 582 Units of Wood in our Bank. 120 Production Per Hour, excklusively from our Home Wood Production from the Sawmill on our Base. The freed villagers account for no resources for Wood or Lumber... We also see that our total Storage Capacity for Wood whose total is 2,000.

Diamond Bank: Our stockpile of Diamonds totals 50, and tapping on that display reveals the Diamond packages that we can use real-world funds to purchase if we so choose.

As you can see the battle was won but at a significant cost in troops.

As you can see the battle was won but at a significant cost in troops.

Map Icon: Located at the bottom-right-hand-corner is the Map Icon - which will open the nav map for the game when tapped.

Build Store: On the bottom left-hand-corner of the screen is the icon for the build-menu - a wooden-handled hammer. To indicate that there are actually selections available to be chosen and activated, a number is added to the left corner of the icon - in this case the number “2” indicates that two optional building selections are available, one for Gold Storage, and one for the Radar Station.

Secondary Menu Bar: Along the top left-hand-side of the play screen is found four icons used to access additional menus. These are:

1. Achievements Section Icon;

2. High Scores Section Icon;

3. Settings Icon;

4. Inbox Icon.

The Achievements Section contains a single scrolling pop-up page covering all of the “Achievements” that are available in the game. Achievements are special actions that require specific steps and/or track a specific set of tasks supporting a targeted goal or goals. A total of 15 Achievements have been created for the game and are present on this page.

The High Scores Section contains a single pop-up page with three tabs on it - the first tab is labeled “Global” and includes the Top 50 High Scores worldwide for Boom Beach. The second tab, labeled with “Local US” (presumably localized to your location), and a third tab labeled “Friends” that will hold your own account plus those of any friends you have that are also playing the game.

The Settings pop-up contains the small selection of configuration options for the game. Those include Music On/Off, Sound Effects On/Off, Language, Devices, and Help Section, as well as your connection to Facebook, and a button you can press to view the Credits.

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