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How it works
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Boom Beach has three distinct elements. Base management, whereby you are choosing which buildings to construct and which to upgrade, is the first of these. Secondly, you have to get to grips with base defense. This is where you organize the layout of your turrets, mines and defensive weaponry in such a way that it makes it hard for any enemies to get through - similar to how you would play a tower defense game. Finally, there is an offensive element to Boom Beach. You need to be able to attack enemy bases, choosing the right units for the job and ordering them in battle to destroy the enemy HQ and win the day.

Progression comes from exploring the game map and attacking enemy bases. Each time you do, you receive resources and victory points. At the same time, your home base will be amassing resources for yourself and you have to make sure it doesn't get destroyed by enemy attacks. If it does, you will lose a proportion of your resources.

You attack the enemy using Landing Craft. Units are trained by tapping on these, and you can then access the map screen to pick a base to attack. You are able to choose which section of the beach to land your troops on, and can also support them with Gunboat power-ups, like artillery, medkits and Flares (used to direct troops).

Boom Beach requires you to focus on each of the key elements in the game and not neglect any particular area. If you can do this, you will surely be a success and be able to take on the world at the game.

You need to defend your own island while attacking others in Boom Beach

You need to defend your own island while attacking others in Boom Beach

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