Boom Beach

VII. Consulting the Map

VII. Consulting the Map
Boom Beach Guide

Now that our naval forces are in place and manned it is time to take a look at the map - and we see that there is a nearby Enemy Base - tapping on that we go right into attack and invasion mode.

Using the deck gun on the Gunboat we can take two shots at the Machine-gun Nest - which nicely damages it. Now we can send in troops via the LC - each LC has five Riflemen on board, and they make very fast work of the heavily damaged Machine-gun Nest, then move on to take out the HQ.

Our victory over the Blackguard oppressors results in the captured and enslaved natives being released and freed! And hey, wow, the natives here look just like hot chicks from Holland! Wait, whaaaaa?!

Using the map - and making use of its information - is key to success.
Using the map - and making use of its information - is key to success.

Our victory results in some nice rewards:

  • 1 Medal (Victory Point)
  • 640 Gold Coins
  • 432 Wood / Lumber
  • 0 Casualties

Sweet rewards!

That will go a little ways towards helping us to build up our base. Plus, not losing any of our troops means we don't have to pay to replace them. Well that and no poor Rifleman family will spend the evening crying over their dead Rifleman son, brother, cousin, nephew, or paper boy.

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