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06. The Importance of Owning Your Own Home

06. The Importance of Owning Your Own Home
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OK we were being funny here - but seriously, building houses in the game really is a very important tactic to use in order to ensure that you have a constant flow of gold coins incoming!

The actual number of houses you can build is tied to the Level of your Headquarters building - the higher its level, the more you can build, but that is not the only important issue concerning houses.

Another is the actual House Level - yes you CAN upgrade them - and you should! The higher level the house, the more gold coins it will generate per hour, and considering that you NEED gold coins for more than just upgrades and removing Trees and Rocks - you need them to fund your invasions and battles too!

Upgrades to your native craftsman's studio have far-reaching impact on the game.
Upgrades to your native craftsman's studio have far-reaching impact on the game.

A good target level to shoot for at a minimum is Level 3 for houses. Obviously higher is better, but a Level 3 House has the following stats:

  • 1,400 Health Pool

  • 3,500 Gold Storage

  • 360 Gold per hour Income

If the game cap for houses is three, make darn certain you HAVE three houses! You don't want to lose out on profits so constantly check your build store any time a new number appears in its icon since that means there is something you can build - and if it is a house, well then build it straight away!

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