Boom Beach

Boom Beach

VIII. Return to Home Base
Boom Beach Guide

VIII. Return to Home Base

Now that we have a successful combat action under our belt, it is Time to load up the LCs and return to base - RTB - which is a standard military protocol in this sort of situation, since we need to go home and clean our rifles, restock full clips, re-supply our naval gun, load food and fuel, and... Well, you get the idea.

Back at the base during our debriefing we are told that the enemy is evil - we knew that - and that it would be a good idea to strengthen our base defenses in case they attack again - we knew that too - so it is Time to get to that part of the tute!

Home base is where you go to resupply, eat, sleep, and get clean socks!
Home base is where you go to resupply, eat, sleep, and get clean socks!

As we work our way around the screen on the bottom right side from the sea comes an native outrigger - a wooden boat commonly known as an “Outrigger Canoe” - which is a sea-going vehicle common in the southern latitudes powered by oar and sail.

The Outrigger arrives with a crew of natives on board bringing a gift of gold coins intended to serve as a gift to the team for their rescue efforts.

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