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BitLife is an app generation version of a text adventure game where you create random or more specific characters and then make decisions at every stage of their life until they die. You can play through as many lives as you want and take as much, or as little, care over their well being as you want.

You can make good choices and bad, lead a virtuous life or a criminal one, and then do it all again a different way next time. There is also an element of chance as the game can simply decide that you got sick and died. No two lives will be the same for you.
BitLife Guide and Tips

There is a lot of fun to be had trying out the different paths that each life can follow but there are also some targets that the game presents that you can try to work towards. The ribbons are set up to give you a goal for your life and something to work towards.

There is a lot to try out and more in development so give a virtual life a go and see where you end up, famous, rich, mediocre or murderous. The choice is yours.

We are putting together a set of guides to parts of the game. If you have any questions please check out the Answers Page to ask it there or see if you can help others.

Head to this page if you want to become a brain surgeon in BitLife or another great career to try is in dentristry, so head to this page if you want to find out how to become a dentist in BitLife.

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