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How to Rob a Train in BitLife

Nov 20th 2023

When it comes to robbing a train in BitLife there are a few things you need to consider and a few pitfalls that you need to avoid, luckily for you you've found our complete easy guide to this heinously lucrative activity in BitLife, which hopefully will help you to avoid the pitfalls of missing trains, getting run over by the train or getting called out as a time cheat by the game. Let's dive in!

How to Rob a Train in BitLife
How to Rob a Train in BitLife

How to Rob a Train in BitLife

The only pre-requisite to robbing a train in BitLife is to be aged at least 18 in the game. Apart fro that it's just a matter of selecting the right options and realising that the time of the train equates to the actual time in real life and there is no way around that! It's all explained below, what you need to do and what you should not do to make this activity a success.

  • Your Character Must be 18 or Over
  • Head to Activities > Crime > Train Robbery
  • Pick a Train from the list
  • When the time on your device matches the train time, select 'Rob It'

In principal this should be all you need to do to rob a train in BitLife. But sometimes it doesn't work out, here are some of the problems that you may encounter when trying to rob a train in BitLife.

Select Your Train to get started
Select Your Train to get started

The Train Ran Me Over!

This happens... Maybe your timing was not right, this is a high risk activity and sometimes your Bitizen will die when trying to rob a train especially if you are too early too late. You really need to be hitting the train at the exact minute of the train that you selected, matching it to the time on your device. Do not change your time to make things speed up, it won't work, and the consequences could be the death of your Bitizen.

I Changed my Time to Speed Things Up... And this happened!

I imagine it did! The game can detect time changes on your device and the train robbery will most definitely fail if you try to do this. So pick a train time that is close to the real time in your life, or set an alarm to alert you a few minutes before. All trains are equal so it doesn't matter which one you try to rob, choose the time that is most convenient for you.

Don't change your time to complete this task
Don't change your time to complete this task

Unless of course an achievement or challenge requires you to complete a specific train robbery, in that case there's no getting out of the time selection, you'll have to pick the one according to the task such as Going Anywhere achievement whcih requires you to rob the midnight train.

What are the Train Times

Currently you can pick from the following train times in BitLife

  • 6 AM (Sunrise)
  • 12 PM (High Noon)
  • 4:20 PM
  • 6 PM (Sunset)
  • 12 AM (Midnight - For Going Anywhere achievement)

What do I get if I rob a train?

A shed load of money, we're talking upwards of $5m but probably a lot more! This is an incredibly lucrative activity in BitLife, but it does come with risks, so make sure you are well versed in how to complete this activity successfully, and remember to now change your device time, it just won't work out well if you do!

That wraps up our guide on how to rob a train in BitLife feel free to drop us a comment if you need help with anything or a question, where our whole AppGamer community can try to help you out.

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