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Bitlife 1.34 Ribbons Update

Bitlife 1.34 Ribbons Update
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The recent version 1.34 update for BitLife has added a range of new ribbons for you to work towards and gain with your new BitLives. This update has 10 new ribbons with varying difficulties.

Ribbons in Bitlife are awarded to your bitizens when they expire and decorate those lives lived to specific tunes and recognising a particular level of attainment for each one.

Below is the list of new Ribbons and the actions that you will need to complete to earn them.

Generous Ribbon

This one is fairly obvious, you need to give away as much money and possessions in your life as you can. You can do well, with a good job as you need money to give away, but make sure not to die with a lot of wealth remaining. Have children so that you can give them cars and houses, you can also do this with friends. Before you die you can also leave any remaining assets to charity.

Barbie Girl

The main restriction with this ribbon is that your bitizen needs to be female. From then on its is down to putting yourself through as many forms of plastic surgery as you can. There are several options in the game and you can try out all of them, except the gender reassignment.

Keep up with the surgeries but avoid using the beauty to earn fame or fortune so that you don't end up with a different ribbon.

Veteran Ribbon

For this ribbon you will need to join the military and 'Serve a distinguished career". The best course of action here is to complete further education and then join a branch of the military as an officer. Work hard in your position, keep your performance bar full, and advance to the highest rank possible while completing (and surviving missions) If you die during a mission you may instead get the Hero ribbon.

Influencer Ribbon

This one is as it sounds, down to posting on social media and being well known. Becoming famous will help and leading an active social life of gyms, clubs and following trends. Make sure to post to your social media every year (once you turn 13) and keep this up so that you post at least 100 times over the course of your life.

Tarzan Ribbon

This ribbon is triggered by owning and keeping as many exotic pets as you can. Some tips for this are to start early by asking for pet snakes as a child, then once you are old enough visit the exotic pet shop to gain more. When you buy the pets if you don't like the ones on offer you can restart the app to get a new choice.

When buying pets try to keep a mix, you will need to be fairly rich to afford some and to afford to keep them as you will need to feed then and maintain a good relationship with them.

Becoming very rich in your life time though can lead to you earning one of the income related ribbons instead.

Working in a animal related profession may also help, but again avoid overly academic related jobs as this may gain you the wrong ribbon.

Gold Digger

This one can be tricky to obtain as it relies on finding some gullible partners. And being lucky with your income. The basic idea is to marry rich and not work or earn money yourself. Whether you are male or female, look to find a partner and marry someone who is much better off than you. Then be ready to divorce and remarry when every you can find anyone even more wealthy. You also need to avoid any Prenup arrangements as your goal is to earn over 1 Million from your divorce settlements.

Using the premium God mode feature can help considerable with this ribbon if you have chosen to buy that.

Monopoly Ribbon

The goal of this ribbon is to earn over 1 million in profits from real estate. This involves buying and selling properties with renovations to earn you money on each. Look for properties with a low condition bar, or even ones that are haunted. Live in the houses and perform renovations (or exorcisms) which will increase their value and then sell them on. Avoid any high paid jobs or fame bringing jobs to make sure you don't end up with a famous or Rich Ribbon instead.

Movie Buff

This ribbon has a very simple goal. Watch at least one movie every year of your life until you die. Aside from remembering to tick this off with every passing year you main aim here is to make sure you don't do anything else remarkable that might earn you a different ribbon. So play it safe and don't chase any dream jobs and just enjoy the shows.

Bandit Ribbon

You need to complete one action in your life to gain this ribbon and that is to pull off a successful train robbery. To make sure you get this ribbon you will need to make sure you don't earn any others. Do not get caught as going to jail will lose you the ribbon. During the robbery do not kill many people, and then for the rest of your life do not risk being famous, rich, or stupid.

Big Boss

This one seems to be very hard to get. The aim is to be the CEO of your own company with a personal fortune exceeding 20 Million. This may be possible to do in a single life although that kind of money is usually made by celebrities. Being lucky with a large inheritance as you start out or using a second generation bitizen that you have granted a large inheritance to yourself will get you off on the right track to make being a CEO and gaining enough of your own fortune much more likely. You character will need to be well educated and work hard to achieve the position.

That's it for the new ribbons guide. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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