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BitLife School Update - Clubs, Teams and Cliques

BitLife School Update - Clubs, Teams and Cliques
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The recent school years update for BitLife has introduced many new options and activities for you to try out during the education years of your character. Many of these will depend upon and also affect your grades and popularity, the new school stats for you to control.

Once you reach the second stage of your school career, middle school / junior high etc, your character will gain options to join teams, clubs and student groups or cliques all of which will have an impact on your popularity and in some cases grades.

Clubs can range from Art club to skateboarding to Academic decathlon club and will in some cases have restrictions to entry (you will need good grades to join the academic decathlon). Joining multiple clubs is possible but the game will not let you over do it by filling your schedule with too many activities.

This is the same for sports teams, of which there are many ones you can try for. You will need to have a character with good grades, health and a new stat Athleticism to get on the teams. Athleticism will only appear once you reach this stage and may be randomised or based on your performance so far.

It is worth pointing out that you will need to keep up good grades and good behaviour in school, to get into and remain in teams. And maintaining your health is also important. During sports activities you can train harder to give yourself a chance to become a team captain.

The game now includes a huge range of student groups and cliques for you to join although you will need to meet the requirements for each. Whatever your stats and interests there will be a group, from arty to brainy, goths, hipsters, jocks, nerds etc.. all the usual student stereotypes are covered.

Joining the right group can help your happiness and popularity although being rejected if you don't quite qualify can mean you take a tit to these stats. It is a good idea to ask to join the group first although you can also just start hanging out with them and try to impress them to get your foot in the door.

This new update will give you a lot of new options to explore and make the school years more of a challenge to get through. Please let us know below what you have tried and managed to achieve with these new activities and interactions and if you have any questions please ask them on the Answers Page.

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