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BitLife - Life Simulator Cheats and Tips

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BitLife - Life Simulator Walkthrough

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BitLife Twillight Challenge
BitLife Twillight Challenge
Here's everything you need to know to complete the BitLife Twilight Challenge. To summarize, here are the key points: Start your life as a Female ..
How to be a Brain Surgeon
How to be a Brain Surgeon
Becoming a brain surgeon in BitLife is a simple enough as long as you have the smarts! Your journey in BitLife to become a brain surgeon and start ..
How to be a Dentist
How to be a Dentist
The dentist profession in BitLife is one of the highest earnings careers you can purse in the game. And to become a dentist in BitLife is not so ..
Bitlife 1.34 Ribbons Update
The recent version 1.34 update for BitLife has added a range of new ribbons for you to work towards and gain with your new BitLives. This update has ..
BitLife School Update - Clubs, Teams and Cliques
The recent school years update for BitLife has introduced many new options and activities for you to try out during the education years of your ..

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BitLife - Life Simulator Updates

Thank You, Next BitLife Challenge Completed!
Thank You, Next BitLife Challenge Completed!
This week's challenge in BitLife is all about relationships, and it seems you'll need to create quite few of them to get this one ..
BitLife Secondary School Explained
BitLife Secondary School Explained
Secondary School in BitLife is just basically High School. This is where your Bitizen will spend four years of their life in the ..
How to Rob a Train in BitLife
How to Rob a Train in BitLife
When it comes to robbing a train in BitLife there are a few things you need to consider and a few pitfalls that you need to ..
BitLife - Life Simulator Codes ([datetime:F Y])
BitLife - Life Simulator Codes (February 2024)
All of the Bitlife codes are below. While they are still valid, you can use these codes to redeem some free stuff for this game. ..
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BitLife - Life Simulator FAQs

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How do you become more popular in middle school, secondary school, University etc?

I don’t know, but I had a child start with really good looks so popularity was about 75%. Then I complimented everyone with low popularity and had conversations with everyone who had high popularity and avoided talking to people I had poor conversations with, though conversations didn’t have much impact from what I noticed, maybe a little gained? Then in middle school, I started dating a member of the popular clique (mentioned in the info tab) and went up to like 80%. I asked to join and got in right away. ... + 2 More Answers

Which of these greek gods rode a chariot that controlled the sun?

Apollo ... + 1 More Answers

Why do I have negative liabilities when everything I own is paid off?

I am worth 41 million I inherited 50 million originally from my mother who was with over 100 million I think the reason why people have liabilities even though everything's paid off is because of maybe spousal support but at the same time I have over 2 million and negative liabilities put everything's paid off so can somebody tell me why ... + 2 More Answers

It is the bottom of the ninth and your team is up one run over the st. Louis wrens with the bases loaded. Your on the mount and the short stop is at the plate with a full count. What pitch do you throw?

Curveball ... + 3 More Answers

“Which of these “Game of Thrones” characters do you relate to most?” Options: Theon Greyjoy Robb stark Dog I don’t watch that show

I said Arya stark and was hired ... + 5 More Answers

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Love this game. Trying to complete all challenges and achievements

5.0 / 5.0

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