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How to be an Animator

How to be an Animator
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Animator is one of the many professions added to the Life Simulator game Bitlife. If you want to try this field here is our quick run down of the best way to do it.

Start Smart

To get the best start on the road to being an animator you want to start the play through with a character whose stats are above average and work on improving or maintaining a smart stats to the higher end, 80-100, so that you would not have any problem when applying for the university after graduating from school.

If you character does not have more than average smart stats, it would be best to re roll a new life until you have this.

Maintain The Smart Stat

To best improve or maintain this stat you will need to make sure you are visiting the library and study harder while in school.

Library: – Activities -> mind & body -> library.

Study Harder: – School -> Primary/Secondary -> Study Harder.

Study Art at University

This is fairly obvious but once you leave school you must apply to university to study Arts. Your high smart stat should allow you to get accepted to university. When choosing your subject, if the Arts option is not there you can apply for the community college then graduate from the community college and try the university application again.

Apply For The Animator Job

After University it is time to apply for your first animator job. Look for the Jr. Animator role in the jobs menu. If it’s not there you can either move on to the next year (age button) or try closing and re-opening the game to refresh the job listings.


To get the Animator achievement, you must work in this field for consecutive 20 years. Follow options to work harder, gain promotions and stay in the the animator roles for 20 years

You may find other paths through the game that will allow you to land the animator role but this will be the best way to get you there as reliably as possible. If you have any questions about this walkthrough or for the game in general please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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